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Nature Inspired Jewellery 

"Before jewellery with precious metals was created, people symbolically wore what they found in their environment: flowers, shell and stone, perhaps a string of flowers in their hair, rings made from vines, and necklaces carved from bone."


Of Land and Sea jewellery is handcrafted from a cosy corner of a waterside studio, based in Penryn, Cornwall. I'm enchanted by the alchemy involved with jewellery making. Using hand tools and traditional silversmithing techniques to create trinkets and charms of the land and sea. My work is inspired by nature, the wild and the whimsical in the Southwest of England and I love exploring stories that intertwine with my designs.


Growing up in the Quantock Hills of Somerset deeply rooted my appreciation of British wildlife, nature and folklore.  Learning about the environment through foraging wild food from hedgerows and collecting organic trinkets as the seasons changed, were fond childhood memories that became a lifelong ritual. 

It is important for me to respect the natural world, lessening my impact on the environment in the way that I live and work. 

After completing my studies of Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University, I wasn't ready to leave the mystic Cornish coast that had since become my home. I was spellbound by the sea and stumbled onto the path of forging organic jewellery, using the treasures I've found as inspiration. I live simply and close to nature in my tiny horsebox home by the sea. When I'm not tinkering away in the studio, I'll be photographing nature, running the coast path and swimming in the quiet coves. 

Every component and finding I use to make Of Land & Sea jewellery is made from reclaimed precious metals that are already in the system, such as recycled sterling silver and reclaimed gold. The recycled metals are sourced from old jewellery, medical equipment and computer parts. They have been melted down and refined into 925 silver and 9ct Gold, which can be hallmarked for its authenticity. 

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Becky x
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