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  • H E K A T E


    Hekate is the greek triple moon goddess. 


    A simple moon phase amulet, for your everyday wardrobe. Featuring a waning, full and waxing crescent moon. 


    Handmade to order with 100% 925 recycled sterling silver. 



    Lore ~ Inspired by the Triple Moon Goddess symbol. 


    A Pagan symbol that represents the maiden, mother and crone, as the waxing, full, & waning moon. It is associated with feminine energy, mystery, & psychic abilities and is symbolically worn to empower the wearer.




    Materials ~ Handmade to order to reduce waste and made entirely with recycled sterling silver (a more sustainable alternative source than mining sterling silver).

    This includes the pendant, recycled silver chain and findings 🌿


    Packaging ~ Sent ready for gifting, in an organic cotton pouch for keeping the necklace safe from tarnishing in between wear and posted in recycled packaging.




    Thank you for supporting ethical jewellery practises and slow fashion.  


    ~ Of Land & Sea

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