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M O O N L I T  T W I G  R I N G
  • M O O N L I T T W I G R I N G


    This limited edition 'Dark mother of the woods' ring, features a crescent moon charm.


    A dark and earthy, organic twig ring. Inspired by moonlit hedgerows of Blackthorn in the depths of winter. 


    Handcrafted to order from Cornwall, using recycled sterling silver.


    ~ Custom Sized to Order.

    ~ Handmade with Recycled Sterling Silver. 

    ~ International Shipping.



    BLACKTHORN ~ The dark mother of the woods.


    Known as one of the faery trees, along with Hawthorn and Rowan. Blackthorn exudes magic and is a worthy talisman for those seeking strength to overcome obstacles, protection, fate and hope for the future. 


    In Celtic mythology the Blackthorn is typically associated with the dark side of the year, with its prickly dark thorns and sour sloe berries that only ripen after surviving the first frost. It is believed to be protected by 'moon fairies' and that witches use its dark enchanting branches to make wands and potions.


    Blackthorn resembles the balance between the light and dark in life, I hope this collection gives the wearer courage by reminding them that the darkness is only temporary.





    Handcrafted with 100% recycled sterling silver. 


    Recycled silver is sterling silver, that's already in the system. It is considered an eco-friendly alternative to mining the earth for fresh metal resources. It's sourced from recycled melted down jewellery, medical supplies and computer tech! 


    Silver is an incredibly recyclable material and therefore retains it’s quality when recycling. This also means you can recycle your own silver jewellery over and over again! 





    We recommend you get your ring sizes measured by a jeweller, however there are a couple of ways you can measure your fingers at home, take a look at our simple guide:


    Alternatively, you can choose between the Small, Medium or Large options - to do this you'll need to do the following:


    1. wrap a piece of paper or non-stretch string around your finger, close to the knuckle. 

    2. Place it next to a ruler and make a note of the length.

    3. This is your rough size in mm.

    4. Choose between Small (15-16mm), Medium (17-18mm) or Large (19mm-20mm) according to the size you measured.

    5. If it doesn't fit any of these options, drop me a message and I will be happy to help! 





    It will be delivered to you first class in a sustainable gift box, wrapped with a ribbon made from recycled plastic bottles and a handpicked wildflower - a gift ready to open by you or your loved one! ✨


    Postage - Sent with tracked delivery for a safe and speedy arrival! 



    For any more information or commissions, please get in touch here, or follow Of Land & Sea on Instagram: @oflandandseastudio 


    I hope it brings a little everyday magic to the wearer. 


    Have a magical day!


    ~ Of Land and Sea Jewellery 


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