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  • S E L E N E


    Selene is the goddess of the full moon. Her name derived from the Greek σέλας selas, meaning “light”


    The Full Moon ~ A symbol of clarity, growth and completion.

    Textured with hand tools. Handmade and measured to your chosen size.


    A simple, elegant yet chunky ring, capturing the Full Moon in 100% recycled solid 925 sterling silver.





    The full moon ring is approximately 2mm thick. The organic moon itself is roughly 8mm wide, although each one is unique in form.



    We recommend you get your ring sizes measured by a jeweller, however there are a couple of ways you can measure your fingers at home, take a look at our simple guide:


    Alternatively, you can choose between the Small, Medium or Large options - to do this you'll need to do the following:


    1. wrap a piece of paper or non-stretch string around your finger, close to the knuckle. 

    2. Place it next to a ruler and make a note of the length.

    3. This is your rough size in mm.

    4. Choose between Small (15-16mm), Medium (17-18mm) or Large (19mm-20mm) according to the size you measured.

    5. If it doesn't fit any of these options, drop me a message and I will be happy to help! 






    It will be delivered to you first class in recyclable packaging, tissue paper made from recycled t-shirts and adorned with a handpicked wildflower - a gift ready to open by you or your loved one! ✨


    Postage - Sent with tracked delivery for a safe and speedy arrival! 




    For any more information or commissions, please get in touch here, or follow Of Land & Sea on Instagram: @oflandandseastudio 


    I hope Of Land & Sea Jewellery brings a little everyday magic and carries meaning for the wearer. 


    ~ Of Land and Sea Jewellery 



    Thank you for looking! 


    Have a magical day x

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