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Milk Moon Earrings
  • Milk Moon Earrings


    The Milk Moon Goddess earrings.


    Celebrate the phases of the moon with this mix and match set of recycled silver moon phase studs. Featuring a waning, waxing and full moon.


    The giftable Milk Moon Goddess earrings are minimalist, playful and magical - The perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe.


    Alternate them with the cycles of the moon, or wear them altogether if you have multiple piercings! They are incredibly versatile and could also be worn in cartilage and tragus piercings!




    Rituals & Traditions: 


    The 'Triple Moon Goddess' Pagan symbol represents the maiden, mother and crone, as the waxing, full, & waning moon. It is associated with feminine energy, mystery, & psychic abilities and is symbolically worn to empower the wearer.


    The Milk Moon is special because it represents the fertility of the land and new life.




    Materials & packaging: 


    These earrings are handmade using recycled sterling silver with recyclable sterling silver earring backs. 


    They will be delivered with a free ‘spell pouch’ for keeping your jewellery safe from tarnishing in between wear. The postal packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable materials - please carry on the notion of recycling by reusing or recycling the packaging. 🖤🌿


    Thank you for looking! 


    Have a magical day 🌒🌕🌘


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